Welcome to Clear Mapping Co

Clear Mapping Company provides quality cartographic and design services on a contract basis for clients of all sizes, in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to help organisations convey information quickly, clearly and effectively by creating attractive illustrated maps. We are rapidly moving toward meeting our ambition of being recognised as the leading British cartographic and design consultancy.


Cartographic Services

Can't find the right map for you? We can help people in your audience to orientate themselves over larger distances with the information you want to share. We can also create interpretation boards for your estate from land management plans.

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Brand Identity & Business Planning

Starting a new business, or refreshing an existing one? We can support you in getting your brand identity and personality just right for your market. We can ensure that your map reflects the same messages as your brand or event.

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Technical & Artistic

Looking for attractive and original artwork? We can imitate historical maps with modern features. We can commission highly skilled artwork in vellum, watercolour or pen and ink for superior quality cartography for the boardroom, office or estate.

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Geographic Information Systems

Building a sales team? We can help your managing director to plan a strategy, with maps for allocating, developing and increasing sales opportunities. Collecting location data or big data sets? We can help you make sense of those spreadsheets!

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