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Budock Vean Hotel - Golf Course Map

Sectors: landowners, estate management and developers

00152 A4 Colour Map CMYK FLAT OL No CROPS LR RGBWe were invited to collate information from a variety of ‘current’ and ‘proposed’ drawings for the hotel and golf course for planning permission. These site maps were then used to clarify what was the proposed work and used in the community consultation. We also prepared artist’s impressions of the proposed holiday lets en-situ to show what the development would look like for buyers.

As part of the process we prepared a brand identity sheet to ensure consistency between online and offline branding. The client was so impressed by the standard of our maps and drawings that he commissioned a further watercolour map of the golf course and facilities to guide visitors, to go in their 'Welcome Pack'.

This was a project which required working with architects, landscape architects and land surveyors to make sure the drawings were as accurate and complete as possible. Our clear maps and careful scaled drawings succeeded in bringing complex ideas to life.

  • Project photo 1
  • Project photo 2
  • Project photo 3
  • Project photo 4

Project details

Collaborative, professional outputs
Existing and proposed drawings
Community consultation
Welcome pack maps

Tags: Budock Vean Hotel, Golf, Map, Planning permission, Development, Site Maps, Architect, Landscape architect, Land survey, Cornwall

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